“Taylor Swift’s presence at the game has boosted the viewership”, says Arnold Schwarzenegger

The NFL championship game has started in Las Vegas for the first time. According to Arnold Schwarzenegger, the National Football League has attracted new fans as a result of Taylor Swift’s star status.

Taylor Swift is credited by Arnold Schwarzenegger with introducing the National Football League to a new generation of fans. The celebrity mentioned how the brief romance between Taylor and player Travis Kelce had increased game viewership while speaking with Yahoo Entertainment.

“Football itself draws the biggest crowds because it’s the most popular sport,” Arnold stated in a recent interview. 

However, having Taylor Swift there to watch the game adds a new element that draws in a different kind of viewership. It’s great that younger ladies in particular are becoming more interested in football and that they are aware of the regulations and everything.

The Terminator actor also mentioned whether he believes Taylor Swift should be a presidential candidate. That is unknown to me. Having celebrity support is crucial when running for government. I witnessed that during my gubernatorial campaign, but it requires a certain mentality, which is evident throughout the debates and interviews. Thus, I have no idea about that aspect of her. 

All I know about her is that she’s an incredibly gifted actress, a stunningly beautiful woman, and quite intelligent. However, I’m not sure if she is interested in politics or if she even has a political side, he continued.

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Over the last couple of months, Taylor Swift has become a frequent attendee at Kansas City Chiefs NFL games to see her boyfriend, tight end Travis Kelce. The Grammy Award-winning singer even invited her well-known pals, Hugh Jackman, Blake Lively, and Ryan Reynolds, to the game in October of last year. The media has been focusing a lot of emphasis on Taylor’s relationship with Travis, as evidenced by the many cuts to Taylor Swift during games. This has increased the number of female viewers of the games.