Travis Kelce clears the rumours; “Our relationship is genuine not for the game”

Travis Kelce chuckles about some people who still don’t trust his love affair with Taylor Swift is genuine. The 34-year-old tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs told CBS reporter Tracy Wolfson, “You’re all crazy,” during an interview for the pre-game show for the Super Bowl in 2024. 

“Every last one of you, you’re crazy,” he said, laughing. Except for what Wolfson referred to as “cranky NFL fans” who have referred to their relationship as a “conspiracy,” Kelce was excited about the season, during which he set several records while Swift, 34, was on the sidelines.

“It’s been enjoyable,” the Chiefs star remarked. “Since I introduced her to the world of football, we’ve both been learning about this lifestyle.” Additionally, the athlete’s teammates in the NFL, as well as his coach Andy Reid, have supported his romance with the singer of “Anti-Hero.”

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“Listen, it’s an honour to the way Kelce and she have handled it. Referring to the attention the couple has received since they began dating last year, Reid stated in an interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio in a tape that was released on X, “It hasn’t been a distraction, so there haven’t been any problems with it.” 

Reid went on, “She’s a nice girl. She adores Kelce and the game. Thus, I’m delighted for them both”. “I’ve been having a great time on this unplanned journey,” Kelce remarked.