Katy Perry to quit “American Idol star” show; Confirms on Jimmy Kimmel Live telecast

American Idol star Katy Perry is quitting the show. On Jimmy Kimmel Live, the 39-year-old singer and Idol judge confirmed her departure from the program after completing seven seasons as a judge. She hinted on Monday that she will be releasing more songs and other projects later in 2024.

Perry said, “I think this will probably be my last show, my last season for Idol. I mean, I adore Idol.” She expressed her gratitude towards the show by saying, “It helped me feel a connection to the heart of America, but you know what I mean, Jimmy? I feel like I should go feel that pulse own rhythm”. She continued, giving host Jimmy Kimmel a wink.

Perry answered, “Well they’ll find out tonight!” in response to a question about what her fellow Idol judges Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie had to express about her departure from the popular show.

She went on to say that her other judges “are aware of the plans I have for this year,” predicting “an extremely thrilling year ahead for all pop star girls!”

The “Roar” singer said, “I love them so much,” referring to Richie,74, and Bryan,47. She also disclosed that the two knew she was going to leave American Idol after meeting her “in the studio.” She added, “They figure that since I’ve been in the studio for a while, something is coming.”  She said, “I adore the show, but I want to travel and possibly create new music.”

Perry was also questioned by Kimmel, 56, on who would succeed her and whether or not there would be a “coronation ceremony” in which she would pass on her crown. In answer, Perry joked, “Let’s just say I’m making space for my new wingspan.”

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Back in 2018, the singer joined Bryan and Richie as judges on American Idol when the program was brought back by ABC after a 15-season run on Fox.

However, ABC confirmed in July 2023 that Perry, Bryan, and Richie will be returning as judges for season 22, with the first episode premiering on February 18.