Bradley Cooper reminisces “Guardians of the Galaxy” at Santa Barbara Film Festival

Guardians of the Galaxy will always hold a special place in Bradley Cooper‘s heart. Cooper provided the voice of the adored Rocket Raccoon in several Marvel Cinematic Universe motion pictures, starting in 2014 with Guardians of the Galaxy. During a Q&A at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, where he won Outstanding Performance of the Year for his role in Maestro along with his character, a raccoon who endured torture.

Cooper said, “I adore Rocket Raccoon so much.” And the reason I enjoy working on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is that James Gunn informed me what the origin tale will be at that point. I simply started crying a lot because I was so happy.” Cooper complimented Gunn on making the process enjoyable.

“It’s the best, James is amazing, and we would perform it like a play. We were attempting to determine the most effective way to proceed because I provided the voice after the film had already been filmed. Initially, sequences would be shown, and then James would just read the remaining lines. We would perform the scene as though it were a play, and it was genuinely a lot of fun “, said the man.

He also believed that they would never be able to see the third and final film in the MCU series.

“It simply gave and gave.” Not believe it. The first one was produced by us. We would have never imagined that I would play it for more than ten years,” he remarked. “It’s crazy.”

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“Today is Pom [Klementieff]’s birthday. She has moved to another location Miami. Our cast is rather close-knit. All of us have experienced a lot. I will continue to cultivate the kind of friendship that James and I have”, he told PEOPLE. James is one of my closest people.