Zendaya praises Tom Holland for her qualities; “He is a charm”, she remarks

Tom Holland, Zendaya’s boyfriend, deserves praise for his unique and humble personality. In a sneak peek for Buzzfeed’s pet interview, the actress from Dune: Part Two remarked that the Crowded Room star possesses a lot of charisma because he is quite familiar in interacting with people and giving interviews frequently and smartly.

The question of which among the Dune cast members had the greatest rizz is a term that the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines as “romantic appeal or charm” started it all for Zendaya, 27.

The two-time Emmy winner jokingly suggested that it was most likely her before expressing uncertainty. “I take it that Rizz stands for charisma? Each person sort of has their own”.

“I believe Mr. Tom Holland is someone who has beautiful charisma who works directly for me, but he’s not on the Dune cast,” she went on. Zendaya continued by talking about how she and her more gregarious partner vary from one another.

“I tend to be quiet and more reserved. Therefore, it takes a little more to get me to come out of my shell,” she said. However, he excels at simply striking up conversations and getting to know people.

She remarked, “He’s just naturally very good at that,” pointing out that Holland, 27, is especially skilled at speaking on talk programs and in interviews.

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The Euphoria actress acknowledged that she was not able to say the same about herself. She said, “I’ve definitely were required to pull it away from me just a little bit. He possesses that innate talent.”

Although Zendaya and Holland have made an effort to keep their romance quiet, they have frequently demonstrated their public support for one another at events and on social media.

Over the previous year, the couple has been sighted together at an NBA playoff game the following month and Usher’s Las Vegas residency show at Park MGM’s Dolby Live in April 2023.