Kim Kardashian shares old pictures with sister, Kendall Jenner on Instagram

Kim Kardashian adores her loving younger sister Kendal Jenner.  In a post published on her Instagram Story on Wednesday, the 43-year-old creator of SKIMS shared her “favorite pics” with her younger sister Kendall Jenner.

The Kardashian family star shared a collage made by a fan account for her sister Kylie Jenner, which included two images of the 28-year-old star and herself. “My favorite pictures of Kendall and me,” Kardashian captioned the image. 

In the first picture, Kardashian was carrying a baby Kendall, who had a pretty white bow on her head, as she rested a video camera on her shoulder.

Kardashian put her hands on a wall and peered over her shoulder in a backless crochet dress, while Kendall grinned broadly at the camera in a low-cut halter dress in the second recent photo of the pair twinning in a black-coloured outfit. 

Kardashian captioned the second photo she posted on her Instagram grid, saying, “always got ur back”  adding a winky emoji. 

Kardashian’s most recent tweet was made after she earlier this month shared some photos from a ski trip with Kendall. The siblings were captured pouting their lips during their shot with a snowman dressed in a red hat and scarf, and the picture was included in a carousel of photos from the wintry vacation. 

Kardashian stayed comfortable with a red Balenciaga puffer jacket and red gloves, while Kendall wore an off-white sweater and black sunglasses.

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Kardashian, wearing a SKIMS winter onesie, made a peace sign and pouted for the camera in the first picture on the carousel, which included her taking a mirror selfie.

“Enjoy while you can as I promised Kendall I would stop this pose,” she wrote as the caption for the photo.

The word “SKIMS” was emblazoned across the low-cut onesie, which was decorated with patterns of red, blue, and white.