Spector’s new look in shorts on Social Media startled fans and co-stars

A sweating Spector can be seen in a picture posted to his Instagram account on Wednesday, sporting a t-shirt that mostly only features Bertha’s name and face.

In his most recent gym photo, Spector mockingly acknowledged his co-star. Carrie Coon, 41, plays George’s socialite wife Bertha.

Tweeting his co-star Spector said, “@carriecoon without socks it just wasn’t elegant enough”. The performer displayed his quads beneath what appear to be extremely short shorts.The Gilded Age followers are shocked to see star Morgan Spector dressed down like this.  The 43-year-old actor often gets ready in suited-booted look to portray the brutal industrialist George Russell in the Max period drama, which is set in 1880s New York. 

Downton Abbey’s Julian Fellowes developed and wrote “The Gilded Age”, a beloved period drama for viewers.

The Gilded Age, in contrast to Downton Abbey, is mostly situated in New York City, but many of the scenes are filmed in New England.

According to site manager Lauri Pitkus, “there’s a big overlay of the Newport and New York locations,” as PEOPLE reported in November. “Because we have these wonderfully appointed, unique and original bedrooms to choose from, we capture most of those in Newport and cheat them for existing in the New York houses.”

Viewers are lured to the extravagant clothes in addition to the opulent residences. For the female actors, that means donning corsets that tighten the waist.

Actress Louisa Jacobson, who plays Marian in the program, said, “It was taxing physically and mentally; I couldn’t sleep on my side for a long time because my ribs were so sore.” 

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She added further, “At that point, I understood I needed to lighten up on this. I would ask my dresser to loosen the corset so I could have a break after each take or in between sets. We referred to them as corset breaks.”

Viewers now know what’s underneath George Russell’s impeccably made suits and tuxedos because of Spector’s eye-opening Instagram picture!