Singer of “Elvis Is Everywhere,” Mojo Nixon died at the age of 66 due to Cardiac Arrest

The vocalist of “Elvis Is Everywhere,” Mojo Nixon, passed away at the age of 66.

His family announced his demise on Facebook, “Nixon (née Neill Kirby McMillan Jr.) was found dead on Wednesday following a “cardiac arrest” while participating in the yearly Outlaw Country Cruise”. The previous evening, the musician performed the boat. On the yearly trip, he co-hosted and performed frequently.

Nixon Mojo, “You should die the way you want to live”. Mojo Nixon was on fire, cornered on two wheels, wide-open, rock-hard, and full force, his relatives said. “Leaving after a fantastic performance, a wild night, closing the bar, not holding back, and a satisfying breakfast with friends and bandmates.”

“On the Outlaw Country Cruise, a cardiac arrest will take him forever”. Additionally, Mojo has left the premises. That is how he accomplished it.

The message says, “We know Elvis was waiting for him in the alley out back because he’s everywhere.”  “Heaven help us all,” the message said.

The performer was born in North Carolina on August 2, 1957. Although he was born and reared in Virginia, he joined the punk band Zebra 123 in Denver to step into the music industry.

He moved to San Diego and joined Dick Montana’s band, the Snuggle Bunnie when the punk band broke up. Skid Roper, also known as Richard Banke, became a member of the group.

Following the Battle of the Bands, the ensemble was crowned the best new band in San Diego. They also secured a three-hour recording session at San Diego’s Soundtrax Studio.

Nixon and Roper soon signed a record deal with Enigma Records, which helped them release their first album, Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper, in 1985. Nixon’s Bo-Day-Shus!!! The album, which started with his popular song “Elvis Is Everywhere,” was released two years later.

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Nixon started his acting career two years after “Elvis Is Everywhere” hit the records. In the 1989 Jerry Lee Lewis film Great Balls of Fire, he played the role of James Van Eaton. Moreover, he did the role in Super Mario Bros from 1993 and Car 54, “Where Are You?” from the following year.