Sicily Jordan Releases Her Third Single This Year “I’m Still Here”

Recognized for her talents as a singer-songwriter by music industry legends like award-winning producers Barry Fasman and Dana Walden, Sicily Jordan is a rising hitmaker. Following two releases earlier this year “Queen” and “hit and run”, her latest single “I’m Still Here” is about pushing aside toxic doubts, wherever they stem from, and embracing self-worth. Recorded in LA with production duo Chapters, “I’m Still Here” is a soft-pop ballad that inspires people to embrace their independence and feel confident in their own skin similar to songs by Pink and Adele. The repetition of the lyrics “I’m still here” manifests self-empowerment, enabling the listener to turn hardship into strength and heartbreak into personal growth. Through facing her fears, the song’s narrator learns how to be whole again. The powerful vocals, drums, and strings uplift and give Sicily’s audience the feeling of being victorious. Sicily’s newest single “I’m Still Here” is available now on all streaming platforms!

  1. How does “I’m Still Here” fit into the overall themes of your music and artistic vision?

“I’m Still Here” is a song about pushing aside toxic doubts, wherever they stem from, and embracing self worth. The song lyrics specifically are about someone coming out of an unhealthy, emotionally abusive relationship and finding strength in their independence. So many of the songs I write explore different experiences in love and partnership, but this one is particularly important to me because of how simple yet powerful the realization is that “I’m still here”. 

  1. How has your background and personal experiences influenced the music you create?

My music is definitely influenced by my dad’s example as another brilliant songwriter. He was the first one to teach me anything about music, and I still show him every new piece that I write to get his thoughts. As far as what I write about, I’m influenced by a mixture of so much including of course personal experiences that inspire lyrics, my background in literature that guides my storytelling, and my insatiable desire to understand the human experience. Songwriting for me is not really a choice at this point, it’s a must. 

  1. What do you consider to be the biggest challenges facing the music industry currently?

That is such a difficult question. The challenge that’s been on my mind most recently is how to prioritize or even maintain authenticity as an artist rather than giving in to the quest for virality. We do live at a time where there’s so much more available to us as far as means for recording, releasing, and promoting music, but that also means there’s so much more for us to wade through, especially as independent artists; there’s a higher chance that you’ll lose your way, or get lost beneath the pressure.

  1. What do you hope your music achieves and leaves behind for future generations?

Honestly, like I said, I just can’t survive without writing songs, so it’s not like I’m creating music with the goal to secure my legacy. I write because I was gifted a talent, and it’s how I express—how I understand—the human experience. If another person enjoys the music I create, or feels a deep connection to a song, that is more than I could ever wish for. 

Photo Credit: Brendan Calton

  1. What role does art and music play in society and how do you see it evolving in the future?

I think art and music is essential to the development of the abstract in a person, and by abstract, I mean thoughts, emotions, perhaps even personality, really everything that makes up a person that isn’t tangible. I believe that all forms of art are, at their core, an attempt to understand the relationship of the self to or within the surrounding world, and without that expression, without that catalyst for reflection, all we have to define our self is the tangible.  

  1. Can you discuss any notable achievements or accomplishments in your career so far?

I treat every release as a huge accomplishment! The amount of time, thought, talent, and collaboration that goes into every song I’d say definitely constitutes an accomplishment. And I’m especially proud of the songs I’ve made with Chapters. The three I’ve released with them so far, “Queen”, “hit and run”, and “I’m Still Here”, are all amazing, and there are definitely more to come! 

  1. Can you talk about a particularly meaningful song or EP you’ve created? √

“I’m Still Here” really is a particularly important one to me because of the song’s message. I just hope all people can feel the power that comes with recognizing your own value.

  1. What approach do you use when writing your lyrics?

There’s just not a defined process to writing a song, at least not for me. If you ask me about a particular song, I can likely tell you how it started. For example, “I’m Still Here” really did start with the realization of those exact words “I’m still here” while I was sitting at the piano. The rest of the song just fell into place to capture the journey of arriving at that moment. 

  1. Can you talk about your experience working with producers or other industry professionals?

I am so incredibly lucky to have the most talented, most caring producers in the industry. Simon Jay, Luke Shrestha, and Justin Tinucci, not only put everything they have into the music, but they also put so much care into connecting with me as both an artist and a human. It’s such a special thing to create a song. A song is such a personal thing and through some magic, it’s uniquely personal to each person who connects with it whether it be 3 people or millions. I think that unreal characteristic starts with the creation of a song. Truly collaborating with a team to create a song means that each collaborator touches that song in a personal way, so that it really becomes reflective of both the individual and the whole at the same time. 

  1. How do you balance your music career with other aspects of your life?

Life in general is a constant balancing act, however exhausting that might sound. The best way I’ve found to balance everything is to understand what my priorities are and why, set expectations on the attention I can give to different priorities, and give myself grace when I inevitably drop the ball somewhere. Put simply, music is a priority for me, so I do what I need to do to make space for it. 


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Photo Credit: Brendan Calton

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