Maitland Ward of Boy Meets World calls out the cast members who supported her blue film career

Actress, who was seen as Rachel McGuire in the well-liked ’90s series, just called out some names that supported her in her career. She also shows disaffection towards other classmates who did not even offer a word of help to her.

Some of Maitland Ward’s former Boy Meets World cast colleagues don’t seem to be sensing the fondness toward her.

She named the supporters such as Trina McGee, who played Angela Moore, and Will Friedle, who played Eric Matthews, has provided assistance for her pornographic profession.

She admitted on the Skinny Confidential Him & Her podcast’s Oct. 10 edition that “I didn’t receive any real feedback from everyone.”

She opened up, “Trina encouraged me at first, and Will has indeed gotten in touch with me and said he encourages me but didn’t even watch whatever that I perform on cameraā€¯.

“But the others, I have so far not heard anything from,” said Maitland, who played a character on Boy Meets World from 1998 to 2000. This is true despite the fact that the series had a spinoff named Girl Meets World in 2014.

She said, “I haven’t heard anything like, ‘Oh, you’re horrible. However, I had the impression that I had vanished from their lives and that they no longer wanted to interact with me. It was especially true of the Girl Meets World phenomenon. I constituted the only member of the cast who wasn’t performing.

And during that moment, I was never even pornographic. I was only acting out my cosplay and taking photographs on the red carpet.

Therefore, I believe Disney had a significant role through not welcoming me back, and I believe certain members of the cast felt the same way, Maitland said.

Trina supported me even before I originally began out, and Will has indeed contacted me to just let me know that he still loves me even though he can’t bear to watch whatever I do.

According to Maitland, she also got support from the show’s creator, Michael Jacobs, who said, “but some others, I haven’t yet received any communication from,” despite the fact that the sitcom got a spinoff in 2014 called Girl Meets World. Boy Meets World starred Maitland from 1998 to 2000.