Kaley Cuoco, made the darkest revelation of amputation of her leg due to a 2010 accident.

A bad phase of life nearly led her to go through the amputation of her leg, reveals a cast member of “The Big Bang Theory,” Kaley Cuoco.

She opened up that a horse accident nearly led to the amputation of her leg.

The actor, who got recognized for playing Penny in the popular comedy series, previously explained the tragic tragedy in 2010 on “Ellen.” Cuoco said that she stomped her left leg after falling from her horse while riding.

Cuoco had two metal bars implanted in her leg and ultimately lead her to miss two episodes of “The Big Bang Theory.”

The performer was asked to sign a disclaimer since the medical staff feared they may have had to amputate her leg. She cleared the instance, “Officials asked me to sign a document that read, when you do not even understand unless we enter the room and see the same leg, and it might turn out though that you aren’t carrying it longer, because once they put me under anaesthesia”.

Naturally, it was not that easy the way it looks, but having no other option I had to sign an agreement that stated, “OK, you may.”

She went on: “The physicians said that I would never be able to walk again even though everything turned out OK and I was back at work one week later. It was still too much for me to discuss, and it was far worse than it appeared to be. Naturally, everything was spiraling and every person was panicking, which I understand. It frightened people.”

Johnny Galecki, Cuoco’s co-star, whom she dated before the disaster, was among the individuals it frightened.

Galecki stated in the book extract, “They were talking about amputating her limb, which was awful to hear.”

Chuck Lorre, the creator of “Big Bang Theory,” also mentioned in a sample that he believed the programme might well have terminated if Cuoco’s leg had been removed.

The episode at that point was the darkest and scariest in the show’s twelve-year history, according to Lorre. Kaley might not have had her leg. The fact that she was able to survive it and come out of it in a healthy way was made possible only by miracles.