Kristina Menissov is Learning to Express Herself

Kristina Menissov is a model and singer/songwriter as well as Miss Universe World International. As a model she has graced the covers of Vogue Mexico and has walked runways all over the world. A trained Opera singer, she is now writing songs that help her express herself and break boundaries. She recently took time away from the studio to talk about her latest project and her plans for the future!

Tell us about your latest project.

My latest project is finally getting close to finishing my album with music producer Andrew Lane right now. I finished the song called “My Potion” from it and I am so excited for the release of this song and the whole album. 

What was your inspiration behind this song?

Accepting my sexuality and breaking boundaries of the culture I came from, being raised in middle eastern culture I am not used to express it, so this is a big challenge first to myself. 

What is your song writing process?

It can be random. Last time I wrote a song while I was driving on 405 in the middle of the night. After I write a song, I go to the studio to make the demo and then I forgot about it. When I feel like I’m vocally ready I go to the studio again to put it down and after that it gets technical, making rough takes, mastering and releasing. 

If you ever won a Grammy who would be the first person you would thank in your acceptance speech?

My son, he literally makes me a better human, I learned to be a better parent, so I had to teach myself routine, discipline, schedule which made me better in my career.

Photo Credit: Eugene Polyak Designer: Anna Gupta

What was your favorite memory from all the projects you’ve worked on so far?

Directing the music video “Taking Over LA”, it was such an amazing and new journey. Writing the sarcastic jokes, being on set as an actress and just sitting through the whole process including coloring the video.

What is your favorite memory from working as a model?

My last amazing memory was a shoot with foxes and a wolf for a charity campaign for Judith A. Bassett Canid Education & Conservation Center with another super model Joanna Borov. We wanted to use our names and influence in the industry to promote the work that the center does. Animals living at the center were rescued from fur farms, exotic trade and abuse. This is a place where they can finally find peace, respect and love.

Fun Question– As a singer, who would you love to sing with and why?

I really want to make a song with Chloe Bailey, I believe we could make a hit. 

Are you writing any new songs and if so, what can you tell us about them?

The new song that I am working on right now apart from my album is a duet with Daria Dali also under the amazing guidance of Andrew Lane. This song is fabulous and has an fun beat with a story in it, so you guys stay tuned and follow me to not miss it out. 

Photo Credit: Eugene Polyak Designer: Anna Gupta

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