Kathie Lee Gifford  enjoy becoming new grandmother; says it’s a treasure

Kathie Lee Gifford is having the time of her life as she became a new grandparent. With this she is enjoying her motherhood once again.

The 69-year-old former co-host of TODAY told parents that every minute is a treasure.

Frank, the first child of Gifford’s son Cody and his wife Erika, was born in May, making Gifford a grandmother or Bubbe to you.

Frank Gifford, a former NFL player who passed away in 2015, was the infant’s late grandpa and Kathie Lee’s long-time husband. Cody and Cassidy, the couple’s 29-year-old daughter, lived together with them.

Kathie Lee remarked, “I knew I was going to love Frank quickly because I adore infants. It’s always such a wonderful tapestry of life and creation, but this is my child’s kid; husband’s son’s kid”.

Being able to observe Cody as a parent made becoming a grandma more enjoyable and happy days.

Cody began kissing her head while she was in the hospital after giving birth to Cassidy, Kathie Lee said. “Why do I adore her tiny head so much, ” he asked his mother. Because it’s precious, I replied. You can kiss it, but please be careful.”

Added her, “Cody is all of a sudden doing this to his own son’s head and losing himself in the stench. I couldn’t help but be entranced by its beauty.”

She connected to her grandson through regular Facetime chats and images after relocating from Connecticut to Nashville, Tennessee in 2019 for a “new life,” as she stated in an interview with Kathie Lee.

In addition, she regularly takes the two-hour trip to visit Frankie in Connecticut between media engagements for her newest projects in order to “get my small fixes,” as she put it.

The God of the Way, a book that Kathie Lee is an author of  and got  published this month, is billed on her website as “a epic narrative of scriptural faith and the individuals who altered the world forever.”

Whenever Erika takes a break from caring for the children during family visits, Kathie Lee steps in to assist with showers and feedings. It’s not like I don’t have any expertise, Kathie Lee said with a chuckle.