Veteran actor Robert LuPone dies at age 76, Co-stars pay tribute

A veteran actor Robert LuPone dies from prolonged disease pancreatic cancer at the age of 76.

He was known as a co-star of “The Sopranos,” was remembered on Sunday by the theatrical community in New York City and others.

A Broadway legend, LuPone is survived by his wife, son, and sister Patti.

He was a strong champion who was complicated in the richest ways, brimming with a young energy, yet profoundly insightful as he peered into our souls.

MCC released a statement in which he asserted that he was his closest friend.  

The multi-talented Brooklyn-born performer received a Tony nomination for his role in the 1973 motion picture.

LuPone played  many notable TV characters for whom he bagged rewards. Additionally, he frequently appeared in three soap operas of which earned him a Daytime Emmy nomination.

Co-stars and close friends paid a tribute to him by tweeting such heart-warming messages about him.  

Ted Neeley, posted on Twitter on Sunday that he recalled a “kind & kind person with a fantastic sense of humour.” “He was the greatest performer with whom I have worked. To the best of his abilities, Bob always gave everything he had”, continued further.

Isaac Butler, a theatre director, cultural critic, and historian who collaborated with MCC to assist director remarked that LuPone had been “as courteous and giving with his time to me when I was the least important person in the production as he was to the principal players.”

On Twitter, singer-songwriter Donna Murphy recalled “a wonderful guy and artistic powerhouse.” Bob LuPone, may you rest in peace and power. We are grateful for everything you have provided for us. My sincere sympathy for your entire family to battle such tough times.

In 1986, he co-founded the Manhattan Class Company with Bernie Telsey, a student he had previously taught acting to at New York University. The company would subsequently become known as MCC Theater.

Stage performances were LuPone’s initial love and he always performed in numerous shows.Together with third co-artistic director Will Cantler, MCC fostered and produced Broadway-bound blockbusters that include, Frozen, Hand to God, School Girls etc.