Dancing with starts Season 31: Joseph Baena makes a pair with Daniella Karagach

Here comes the Dancing with the Stars season 31, streaming online on a Disney+ subscription. This time the makers have changed the pattern, rather than just showing it on ABC, the popular dancing competition was broadcast online to everybody. 

Also, initiated the new step in which the dancers will be paired with the professionals. Joseph Baena, the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger, was one of the candidates and was allowed to demonstrate that he is much more than a bodybuilder. 

Daniella Karagach, a professional dancer and the Season 30 winner, helped Joseph Baena tear through some kind of jive choreographed dance to the Black-eyed Peas’ “Pump It.” The assessors said there is obviously space for development, but the audience responded favourably to the show. 

For the first part of the competition, Baena relied on his strength. Before breaking into dance, he struck a few poses that would undoubtedly make his father proud.  In the end, Joseph Baena received a combined score of 23 from all the judges. 

The comment passed by Carrie Ann Inaba that Joseph Baena’s performance reminded her likely of Season 30 winner Iman Shumpert was much more than a compliment. Shumpert also had a slight decrease at the beginning of the competition, because he used his quickness to become better each week and eventually defeated seasoned performer JoJo Siwa, bringing off a massive upset. 

If Joseph Baena can measure up to that hype, it would be too early to tell. His first dance score now places him eighth among Season 31 Dancing with the Stars contestants. 

They won’t participate in Elvis Week, which will undoubtedly leave the competitors “all stirred up” before the next couple is eliminated. As long as the people beneath him do not make significant gains and jump beyond him, Baena should be fine even if he can just slightly improve his dancing. But if he wants to continue competing on Dancing with the Stars, he’ll need to put in just as much effort in the dance studio as he puts in in the gym.

It would be fascinating to see how viewers react to Dancing with the Stars on streaming services as it is just looking to start on Disney Hotstar. Keep an eye on it and the other upcoming new series.