Brad Pitt’s new organic skin care product Le Domaine out on the market

Le Domaine Skin care product, Brad Pitt’s new line of gender-neutral personal care products, is organic and is made up of grapes cultivated at the French vineyard over which he and Angelina Jolie are engaged in a protracted legal dispute.

The Hollywood hunk, 58, talked about the launch of his brand in a new interview with British Vogue. The company utilizes antioxidant properties derived from grapes from Château Miraval, the Correns, South of France estate that he and Jolie, 47, acquired a controlling interest in 2008.

They got married and spent their summer holiday at Château Miraval. According to reports, in October 2021, Jolie sold the business Tenute del Mondo her 50% stake in the winery.

Pitt did not specifically mention Jolie in his most recent interview, even though buying the property was what started him on his odd journey through the skincare and wine industries.

The concept of waste reduction is a concept that is extremely significant to this region and essential to us, and arriving here at Château Miraval opened up a lot of possibilities that I wouldn’t have ordinarily explored, according to Pitt. But well, when we initially arrived, I mean, I had never considered opening a vineyard!

“I simply desired a magnificent residence in this location, and it merely occurred to contain a winery, because it just had to be bleeding money, so really needed to get to work, and afterwards we started for a quest, and we discovered Marc [Perrin] and his family”, he claimed. 

Weeks after a business created by Pitt’s ex-wife Jolie filed a $250 million lawsuit against him about the French home, Pitt announced the launch of a grooming line.