Jeanine Nerissa Sothcott Knows What She Wants

Jeanine Nerissa Sothcott is an actress based in London, England. While the UK may be a tiny country, her acting talent is huge. Jeanine Nerissa Sothcott knows what she wants and works hard to achieve it! I am thankful she took time out of her busy schedule for an interview about her new film “Renegades” and her future plans.

Thank you for interviewing! Your newest film “Renegades” is out. Tell us about the casting process for that film. Was it easy finding the perfect actors for each role?

A lot of the roles were written with the actors in mind – Lee Majors, Danny Trejo, Ian Ogilvy, Billy Murray etc. Shogun Films, the production company, is like a real tight knit family when it comes to talent. Having come on board very early, I did suggest Patsy Kensit though, and Stephanie Beacham, both of whom were an absolute joy to work with.

We live in a world of movie sequels. Since “Renegades” is doing so well are there plans for a sequel?

I don’t know. I think it is unlikely, you know these indie action movies come and go very quickly now and although this one was very well received, I think everyone is looking at other, fresher projects rather than more of the same. I think the first film set the bar quite high and sequels are often impacted by the law of diminishing returns. 

Photo Credit: Shogun Films

Most of your roles have been dramatic. Any plans for a comedy? 

I’d love to but it is very hard to break into, especially in a tiny country like the UK – I love the big Hollywood Romcoms, but part of their appeal is the massive established stars playing the leads in them. There’s a TV project being packaged at the moment that I’m part of a female-centric crime drama with a lot of comedy in… if that were to come together than maybe I could show a different side to me on screen.

Which do you think is harder to play– comedy or drama?

I think comedy is the hardest thing in every sense – it isn’t just about having funny dialogue it’s about delivering it in a way that an audience responds to. Scaring people, making people cry, making them root for a hero… they are relatively straight forward in movies, making people laugh – really laugh – is a whole different ballgame.

NY is a big theater city and so is London! Do you have any aspirations to do live theater perhaps in the West End?

I did theatre for years before I got into movies, and I even ran my own theatre group and put on scratch nights to showcase new writing, but I am completely focused on screen right now. I loved it though; it is so much more exhausting than film acting but, in many ways, more rewarding. I value that direct connection with an audience in the moment. Theatre is unique and I do love and miss that experience.

What would be your dream role?

Playing a bad ass assassin like Angelina Jolie in “Salt” – I studied Karate for years, I love shooting guns and I’m very fit so that really would be my ultimate ambition. There’s a project, we’re just waiting on the script from an amazing writer named Josh Ridgway. The project is called “Eye Witness” and will be directed by Reg Traviss. If it all comes together that will be amazing and I’m so excited about it.

When will you be releasing your next film?

I’m about to start filming an indie horror movie which should be out before the end of the year. It’s a great concept and will be very gory… but that’s all I’m allowed to say for now!

Fun Question — What is your favorite place to go to relax?

Walking my Dog Barney, a 9-month-old golden cocker spaniel. I take him out every day – on the beach, in the woods, everywhere. We are in our own little world.

Where can your fans follow you?

Instagram – @jeaninenerissa is the best place but I’m also on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Shogun Films

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