Jake Diaz is Tackling Life One Adventure at a Time

Jake Diaz is known as The KidVenturist to his fans on social media. Known for his outrageous and fun adventures, Jake is an adrenaline junkie always looking for some new challenge. I was thrilled when Jake accepted the challenge of this interview about all his exciting life!

Tell us what you are working on right now.

Thanks for asking! Right now, I am working with my team on starting a YouTube style series where I go behind the scenes and a little more personal while on my adventures! Kind of like my own Kidventure show but that also appeals to teenagers! 

What was your inspiration behind being “The KidVenturist”?

I’ve always wanted my own show to share the adventures I go on and super cool experiences. I knew I wanted to share with kids my age so needed a name that would grab attention.  I couldn’t find a lot out there like what I wanted to do so decided to make myself into “The Kidventurist”

What is the best adventure you’ve ever been on?

I REALLY loved iFly which is indoor Skydiving! The more of an adrenaline rush I get, the better the experience for me!

Is there one adventure you’ve done that you wished you hadn’t?

That’s a great question and the answer is YES! Lol. The one experience I had to actually step back from a little was BMX riding on super cool dirt tracks! Don’t get me wrong, I actually LOVED it but can at times be a little klutzy and may have got on the professional track too quickly. I lost control of the bike a couple times and fell. Although it’s ok to fall and some things take time to learn, I felt I was possibly putting the other riders at risk because they are so fast. So, for safety reasons, I’ve decided to step away from the professional track and get some more experience on my own before I go back out again. 

What is your favorite memory from all your adventures?

My favorite memory was being able to make one of my mom’s dreams come true, which was visiting The Roloff Farm out in Oregon. I was able to get her a personal tour on what they call “The Working Mule” (like a powerful golf cart), with Amy Roloff. I went off to run the farmland for a bit while the two of them talked about life together. My mom’s smile that entire day was one of my favorite memories. She also wants to hold a sloth, so I am working on that!

Photo Credit: Personal Collection

Fun Question– If you could go or do anything in the world what it would be and why?

Without a doubt it would be experiencing Zero Gravity!! There is something called “Zero-G” out in Florida which is one of my biggest wishes to visit and I think that will ultimately be one of THE BEST things I could ever experience!

Are you working on any fun projects you can tell us about?

I’m always working on fun projects! Right now, there are a couple Feature Films I’m auditioning for (wish me luck!) but they have NDA’s which are Non-Disclosure Agreements so I can’t share much. I will say, they are full of adventure, just like me! 

Photo Credit: Personal Collection

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