Musician Set To Rule: Dwayne Kirkland

New musicians who appeared on the scene, took over the world, and quickly took over the conversation in 2021 will be remembered for their tracks that were released at the very beginning and propelled them to fame, including Olivia Rodrigo, PinkPantheress, and ArrDee. One such musician is Dwayne M. Kirkland.

Rapper Dwayne M. Kirkland Jr., age 27, was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. D Kirk KV, which stands for island breeze, is Dwayne’s rap moniker. D Kirk’s father and mother are Jamaicans, making him half-Jamaican and half-African American. Like his father, who also loved music, he had a deep love of music at a young age. He graduated from Kutztown University with a bachelor’s degree in sports management in 2016. He produced several top-charting singles, including Never Ft. Kawelo, Understanding Ft. Mayila, She’s a Vibe Ft. both official, I Know You Mad As Hell For No Reason, and I Know You.

Dwayne Kirkland
Dwayne Kirkland

In his second year of college at Kutztown University, he began writing music as a pastime and a way to have fun. After developing a greater interest in music, he started to amass a following, and before long, he was giving performances at community and school events.

D Kirk participated in several interviews, but the one with Dark Magazine in February 2021 stands out for him. He defined his music as having a wave and feel with dancehall, R&B, and hip-hop elements. Dwayne frequently advises young musicians, telling them never to stop dreaming and to never give up on their passions. He fervently thinks that “your intellect, emotions, and soul may be expressed via music.

His love of music has opened up various doors for him, including modeling for high-end apparel brands like Fashion Nova and conducting interviews with Dark Magazine. KIRK’s music sounds so colorful that he was given the moniker “Mixer of R&B.” KIRK continues to create music that appeals to and impacts thousands of people.

He reached a turning point in his life where he was unsure of whether he was contributing enough or not. He began to descend into despair, but he quickly realized that what was meant for him was meant for him and that his time would come. It did arrive. He discovered that what he was doing was the appropriate course of action and that he must maintain consistency to reach his desired goal.

The most intriguing development in D Kirk’s musical career was his number-one hit single “My Type,” which received widespread attention. Neyo, Safaree, and other celebs have shared and performed his songs on their Instagram pages.

D KIRK KV became aware of how the pandemic affected everyone, including survivors. He was unable to attend a concert because of this outbreak.

To recapture his moment in the spotlight and benefit others, KIRK held online concerts to collect money for COVID-19 survivors.

Due to his brilliance and generosity, KIRK released multiple single-record-breaking songs due to the virtual performances, and his music videos received 80,000 streams for his famous song, My Type.