Lily Brooks O’Briant is Finding Her Own Happiness

Lily Brooks O’ Briant is proving she can do it all! Starting out on Broadway, Lily transitioned to the big and small screen but is now heading back to her musical roots. She just released her second original single, “Better Off Alone”, which will be part of her upcoming EP. A recent high school graduate, Lily took time out of her busy schedule for a quick interview about her music and her plans for the future.

Tell us about your latest project.

I have been working incredibly hard on writing and recording music that I love and am passionate about. I just released a song called “Better off Alone” and will be releasing a lot of original music in the coming months. I absolutely can’t wait for y’all to hear what I have been working on! I also have truly enjoyed working on “The Young and the Restless”. It has been such an amazing experience and an honor to work on such an iconic show and learn from some amazing actors and actresses. 

What was your inspiration behind your newest single?

“Better Off Alone” was my realization that I was so much ‘Better Off Alone’ than being treated the way I was being treated. Yes, the heartbreak hurt, but I was better alone and focusing on finding my own happiness and doing things for myself instead of waiting for a guy to make me happy.

What is your favorite genre to sing?

I don’t really have a favorite genre! I really enjoy telling a story – I start with lyrics and whatever kind of melody or genre comes along with that in my head then I go with that! 

If you ever won a Grammy, who would you thank in your acceptance speech?

If I ever won a Grammy (which would be an absolute dream come true) the very first person I would thank would be my mom. My mom has been the person in my life who is always there for me and supporting me every step of my journey. 

Photo Credit: Nash Rockett

What is your favorite memory from being in the recording studio?

I think one of my favorite memories in the recording studio was working with my big bro/producer Stephon Riley. It was probably 2 AM and we were finishing up the vocals for a new song (that will be releasing very soon 😉)  and we had this idea to add a bunch of different layers of vocals on the chorus to make it sound like people were screaming in the background. It was such a cool concept and I was super excited about recording it. We spent about an hour standing in different parts of the studio screaming the chorus at the mic. It was absolutely crazy but such a fun time and it turned out beautifully. 

How do you prepare for live performances?

I spend a lot of time warming my voice up and practicing endurance to make sure I can make it through the full set without getting tired. It is incredibly difficult but I absolutely love performing so all of the hard work is incredibly worth it in the end. 

Fun Question – As a songwriter, if you could write for any performer who would it be and why?

I would absolutely LOVE to work with Taylor Swift of course! I grew up listening to her music and aspire to tell a story with lyrics like hers. 

Do you have any new projects you can share?

I have new songs coming out every few weeks for the next few months & have written several new songs that I am recording this month to release in the late summer/early fall.  I have a lot of live performances scheduled this summer.  I will also be appearing more on CBS’s The Young & the Restless more & the short film I wrote, directed, produced & acted in has been selected at several film festivals this summer.  

Where can we listen to your music?

You can check me out on all music streaming platforms! And on social media I will be giving all of of my music updates on my instagram or Tik Tok @lilybrooksobriant

Photo Credit: Nash Rockett

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