Instagram crashes every 30 seconds: Twitterati react to mass suspension of accounts on photo sharing app

The social media giant Instagram is experiencing a significant malfunction. The issue surfaced after netizens complained crashes and mass account suspensions. Check out.

Instagram, which is one of the most popular social networking sites, sometimes experiences downtime and minor app difficulties. On Monday, a rare glitch took over the platform, causing netizens to be outraged. It also sparked a debate on the internet.

Due to a bug in Instagram, users are facing crashes every 30 seconds, and it doesn’t end here. Many accounts on the social media giant are getting suspended in a jiffy without any reason as well.

The glitch infuriated Insta users, and they took to Twitter to react to the incident. Instagram users experienced a unique bug as the social media platform began crashing every 30 seconds. Many people previously assumed it was a device problem, but following a social media uproar, they realised it was an Instagram bug.

Soon after reporting the incident, another bug emerged, stating that everything will be suspended by the end of today, October 31. The caution then states that the account owner has 30 days to disagree with the decision by clicking on a blue alert box.

Netizens were angered after the glitch caused issues and took screenshots of it to share on social media. Many others wondered if they were the only ones experiencing the problem. Many people around the nation took a sigh of relief after finding that they were not the only one. Few people also made hilarious memes based on the situation.

One user wrote, “what is going on? My account literally got suspended for no reason I did not violate any community guidelines, and when I try to verify the code it’s just giving me a loading error. Is anybody else having this problem? Another user wrote, “Apparently #instagramdown anyone else affected? I am astonished.” A third user wrote, “Just lost my livelihood and years of art. Thanks insta.”

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