Aubin Bradley Dishes About the Really Loud House

You may know Aubin Bradley as Lucy Loud, one of the siblings on Nickelodeon’s live action series “The Really Loud House”.  This talented young actress is quite the opposite of the deadpan, spooky character she portrays on the show which was recently nominated for a Kids Choice Award. Aubin took time from school and work to give us some behind the scenes tidbits on the show along with a surprise announcement!

You are in the new show The Really Loud House. How did you get involved with this project?

Well, I almost missed the audition.  My mom is always very on top of things, but this audition came in over the weekend and she missed it in her email.  It was due back that Monday morning early – like 8 am. It was a self-tape where I had to record the lines and then send it back to the casting director.  My mom was checking her email before we left for school and noticed the audition.  She told me it was for Lucy Loud and due in less than an hour.  She called Theresa Pittius, my acting coach, and she raced to meet me in her studio early. We literally went straight there at 7:45 am before school in my uniform to do the tape.  I had no time to prepare or memorize the lines and just did it in like 5 minutes!  My mom got a call a week later that they wanted me for a producer session the next day! I remember my sister, Catherine, showing me a dead-pan voice and trying to teach me one in my mom’s car on the way to the audition. In the producer session, the director Johnathan Judge was there. He was great and we did some improvisation with the role of Lucy and ran the lines.  The best part was my older sister, Catherine, got the audition for Luan Loud the next day, but I don’t think they realized we were sisters!  When Catherine booked Luan, I was so happy because I would never have gotten my agent or these opportunities without the hard work and sacrifices that she made.  I really owe her one! 

What did you think of the script when you first read it?

I loved all the scripts and the storylines, but I loved what the writer Tim Hobert did with my character.    Lucy is dark and spooky, mysterious, speaks with little emotion, dead-pan, and loves the supernatural.  Tim really expanded on her in the series from the cartoon and has made her more human but has also given me special powers and has really utilized some of my special abilities, like acro and dance. There are some storylines coming up very soon that showcase these hidden powers!!!

The show was nominated for a Kids Choice Award. Is this your first time being nominated for a KCA?

Yes. It was a very exciting moment in my life to be nominated by kids just like me.  I think that made this nomination more special, because I am just a kid and kids nominated my show!!!  I also have been watching the KCAs since I can remember so to actually be nominated was amazing and such a huge honor!

What was your experience like actually being at the Kids Choice Award Show in Los Angeles?

Wow, where to begin. My experience was insane. The orange carpet was probably my favorite part . . . having people call your name over and over to look one hundred different directions, and the lights flashing. It was just an amazing experience not many in this world can say they have had so I feel really blessed and happy. Not to mention the show was incredible and the hosts were amazing, and the Lil Baby and Lil Uzi Vert performances.

Photographer: Kelsey Hale Make-up: Courtney Hart Hair: Dicky Collins.

What was your favorite memory from the KCA’s?

My favorite memory was probably when they read through nominations and our show popped up. Everyone in the audience sounded so supportive and was cheering. Our show probably was on the screen for 20 seconds and that was definitely a cool moment. Also, a fan girl moment, when MrBeast was in the room and LOOKED at me.

What is your favorite memory from working on this show?

Wow, ok this is hard. I would say this is a funny one. My best friend and castmate, Jahzir Bruno, and I were throwing a football back and forth.  I can throw a killer spiral and am a decent receiver. But this time my hands weren’t exactly in a proper catching position, and then I realized that I actually had jammed or sprained it. To be honest it still really hurts, but it will be okay. Thought that would be funny. But I guess I just love hanging out with Jahzir.

 The show filmed in New Mexico. What did you like about shooting there? 

I really love the people.  So much of the crew is from New Mexico and they are really special, loving, kind and just amazing human beings.  I also love filming near the desert. It is beautiful! I also like the fall and the hot air balloon festival.  Seeing all the colorful balloons in the sky was so cool.

Fun Question– What is one thing no one knows about you?

I am a Swiftie.  I have every one of Taylor Swift’s vinyls, sing her songs in the shower, and am obsessed with her merch! I am going to her concert soon (have front row tickets) and am trying to get my mom to take me to a second concert. I have been planning my outfit to wear to the concert for months. I live in New Jersey now, but I was born in New York and will live there when I get older.  I also love dancing and dance conventions and am kind of a “convention junkie.”  When I am not acting and studying, I am dancing!!!

Any upcoming projects you can share? 

Well right now, in addition to Season 1 of “The Really Loud House”, you can see me in the role of Jules trying to get to the moon in the new AppleTv+ series, Hello Tomorrow!, starring Billy Crudup.  I am also so excited that I can finally announce that “The Really Loud House” has been renewed for a Season 2.  Also, there is going to be a Halloween Movie for the Loud House and you know that Halloween is Lucy Loud’s favorite holiday and is mine too!

Photographer: Kelsey Hale Make-up: Courtney Hart Hair: Dicky Collins.

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