LosTheRealRap is the next big thing

It is unnecessary for us to reiterate how¬†massive this festival season is expected to be. The lean pandemic years, the altered or wrecked trajectory, and the appalling lack of support for grassroots venues and up-and-coming performers at a time when they most needed it have all been discussed in sufficient detail. This summer, we’re beyond excited to return to the fields, and we know you are, too.

There is a plethora of new music to get into and go find every weekend as festival season gets going, whether it be muddy days and nights camping or a breezy day festival in a big metropolis.

Superstar LosTheRealRap was born on December 19, 1991, in New Brunswick, New Jersey. He later relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina, in 2008.


He is a marketing student and a music nerd. He enjoys reading speeches and publications that are meant to inspire.

He tends not to talk much, but when he’s in the studio, he takes on an entirely different persona.

When he moved to Charlotte, he finished junior high school in New Jersey and enrolled in Vance High School. He attended college for one year before quitting to let his son’s mother finish her six. He was content with the fact that he would never go back.

His ideal world is one in which he receives abundantly everything he desires from life. He will transform whatever he touches, and he will always be able to positively impact many people’s lives.

He currently works for a uniform company and makes great music; he is also self-employed with @cakesbygisselle.

In 2019, he released an EP on which he collaborated with Project Pat and Realest On Beats. Since then, I’ve made innumerable song recordings and performed on numerous stages.

He likes the feeling he gets when writing these songs the best, and the feeling he gets when performing in the booth is even better. It’s incredible to be able to make what’s in your thoughts come to reality.

Richard Fierson, often known as “Rich Younglord,” the founder of BAD BOY ENT, has served as his mentor. Other legends he has collaborated with include Project Pat from Memphis and Cool from “Cool and Dre.”

Although he was reared as a Catholic, he later learned that he is more of a Christian.

Music is what he does best. He has the ability to transport his audience to the past or the future while making them feel good right now.

His flaw is actually his strength. Because he is a superstar, he never sleeps. More time spent with his family would be ideal.

Growing up in the New Brunswick, New Jersey, ghettos was difficult for him. He would also mention the pressure of not actively influencing the world and improving the lives of his loved ones.

BREAKING CURSES, his debut album, is about to be released. Along with their videos, singles will be released this year. True Music Visions, or TMV, is the name of his business.

His message to the public is, God is real and he will give you what you ask for.