Izabellah Diez is Doing Everything She Loves

Izabellah Diez is an actress and a cheerleader in Los Angeles, California. Her newest film, “Gacy: Terror in Suburbia”, just released and she has yet another film releasing later in the year. This young talent is learning to balance it all! I recently had the distinct pleasure of interviewing her about her career and her newest film role.

You started out as a cheerleader. How did you transition into acting? 

I’ve always done cheer my whole life.  When I was learning a new skill, I broke my elbow. So, after a while we found out I would not be able to cheer for some time. I had actually wanted to be an actress, so I figured that was a great time to start studying to become one. Once I could go back to cheer, we figured out how to make both work.  I love cheer and acting. My parents are very supportive and always support what I love to do. 

Tell us about your new film Gacy: Terror in Suburbia?

The new film “Gacy: Terror in Suburbia” is based in the 70/s on the famous serial clown killer also known as John Wayne Gacy. The film is loosely based on his life. A teenage boy who lives across the street finds out what it is like to have the devil move in across the street. 

Did you know anything about John Wayne Gacy before you got the script for the film?  

When I first got the script for “Gacy: Terror in Suburbia”. I actually knew nothing about him. I did some research on John Wayne Gacy and found a lot of disturbing information about him and how he killed his victims. I have to admit that I was a bit nervous to make a film about a serial killer. 

What is your role in Gacy: Terror in Suburbia?

My role in “Gacy: Terror in Suburbia” is a girl named Jessica who is best friends with Bobby, the boy that lives across the street from John Wayne Gacy. I try to help Bobby with his struggles as he tells the group of kids his story of what he sees when he goes across the street because he is suspicious of John Wayne Gacy. 

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How is your character similar to you?  How is she different?

My character Jessica, I feel is like me because she is nice and friendly to anyone that comes her way and will never judge a book by its cover. When I dive into a character, I do try to bring myself to the character so people can relate to her. 

What was your favorite memory from the set of “Gacy: Terror in Suburbia”?

My favorite part on set was getting into the character and learning about the 70’s while filming and how friendly and helpful the cast was the whole time. But one of my best memories of the film set is when John Wayne Gacy tries to run down Jessica, Bobby and the rest of the kids in his car. We learned basic stunts and special effects of how to film a scene to make it real. 

Fun Question — as a director if you could direct any actor in film who would that be and why?

My favorite actress is Jenna Ortega. I would love to direct her in one of my films someday because I love the way she brings all the characters she plays to life. She is absolutely an amazing actress. 

Do we have any new projects coming out and if so, what can u tell us about them?

Yes, I actually have a new film in production right now called “My Fathers Fiancé”. “My Fathers Fiancé” is a film where my father gets a new girlfriend who he ends up asking her to marry him. But the girlfriend has a different agenda from the beginning. She only wants my father’s money.  The movie has a lot of suspense. 

Where can we follow you on social media?

You can follow me on TikTok and Instagram at @Izabellahdiez

Photo Credit: @thepaparazzigamer

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