Former couple, Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill split their ways and Cynthia reports of under pressure

Officially, Cynthia Bailey and ex-Mike Hill are no longer Chill but are now amicable ex-couples. They have decided to part their ways.

The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star opened up about her and Mike’s choice to split after just two years in marriage.

Cynthia exclusively said to the news source, “I feel the main element of any marriage is friendship and Mike and I are still very, very good friends. We just choose to go our own ways, but our love for one another remains. A bunch of options were happening at once.”

The Bravo personality said, “We always promised ourselves that if we ever thought that something wasn’t functioning we would simply talk and go on. We have each been married a couple times, well, this is my second marriage. Because I don’t desire a marriage for its own sake. He shares my desire for serenity and happiness and I share these desires with him. We’re better off as friends, in my opinion.

Speaking about Cynthia’s ex-husbands, after RHOP’s Gizelle Bryant dismissed romance rumours between her and Peter, the actress spoke about Peter Thomas’ appearance on the show.

Peter is a businessman, so it seems sense that he would succeed on RHOP, Cynthia told E! “The fact that he owns a lovely restaurant there and is connected to the Bravo family makes it only fitting that Bravo would film there. My favourite. I’m pleased with him.”

Only recently did the pair exchange vows in front of 250 guests in a grand ceremony. Bailey is speaking out about Hill pressuring her to organise her affairs before their split.

Fans questioned why Bailey and Hill separated barely 2 years into their marriage, particularly because Bailey was madly in love with Hill and anxious to propose to him prior to their October 2020 wedding.

In a recent interview, Bailey acknowledged that Hill put some pressure on her to arrange her stable abode and future profession after the couple were married.

“I believe there were many distinct factors. The distance was the first cause, followed by my shift to the next chapter and into a new career. According to his employment circumstances, he is changing jobs”, the former supermodel informed another news weekly.