Carly Simon faces hard times after losing two sisters together to Cancer

A cloud of tears busted at Carly Simon’s life as she lost her two close sisters due to health disorders last week. Her sister, Broadway composer Lucy Simon, and the former opera soprano Joanna Simon both passed away this week, one day apart, leaving Carly Simon in sadness.

The two sisters of the “You’re So Vain” singer, whose father Richard Simon has been a publisher tycoon and co-founder of both the massive Simon & Schuster, reportedly passed away from cancer. 

Joanna succumbed to her life on Wednesday from thyroid cancer, while Lucy passed away on Thursday after a prolonged battle with breast cancer. 

As the news revealed, Joanna was 85 years old, while Lucy was 82. Lucy passed away in her house in Piedmont, New York, while Joanna passed away in a hospital in Manhattan.

However, Lucy’s breakthrough came as a Broadway composer, courtesy of The Secret Garden in 1991. She was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Original Score, and the Broadway production saw an astounding 709 performances. Lucy’s songwriting and musical production for HBO’s The Positively True Adventures of the Alleged Texas Cheerleader-Murdering Mom ultimately made it to small-screen television.

In 1962, Joanna debuted at the New York City Opera. She would later perform with some of the most renowned orchestras, such as the New York and Vienna Philharmonics, all around the globe. Joanna put on her journalistic hat after she retired and went on to win an Emmy in 1991 with a PBS program on bipolar disease and innovation.

She then experimented with real estate. She sold an apartment in the United Nations Plaza building to renowned journalist Walter Cronkite and his wife, Betsy, in her debut deal as a broker.

Fast friends, Joanna and Cronkite grew closer after both of their spouses passed away in 2005 within a few months of one another. Cronkite and Joanna dated from 2005 till his passing in 2009.

The only remaining Simon sibling is Carly. Not only their sister but also lost his brother long ago, due to the same health disorder. He was the famous photographer Peter Sim who on, who left for a heavenly abode journey after a heart failure in 2018. When he passed away at the age of 71, he was also fighting cancer.

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