“The Green room” broke ties with Jason Aldean; 13 years of togetherness came to an end. 

Renowned Public Relation company, named as The GreenRoom, has cut all ties with long 13-year partner Jason Aldean. Almost 2 decades, they were together as a client and a company but not now.

Tyne Parrish, a co-owner of GreenRoom, said in a statement that, although continuing to be huge admirers of the country singer’s work, the time has come for the company to part ways with him.

According to Parrish, who was interviewed by a news source, “soundtrack has been and will continue to be always TheGreenRoom’s key emphasis, therefore we would have to take the hard decision after 17 years to step back from promoting Jason.” We no longer make the best performers for the gig, although we will always be huge admirers of his songs given that he is one of country music’s top live performers.

The “Dirt Road Anthem” singer was fired by The GreenRoom, whose celebrity clientele include Reba McEntire, Lady A, and Dierks Bentley, among others. The action came after Aldean’s wife, Brittany, shared a video on Instagram with a comment that many people perceived as transphobic. In the video, Brittany was seen both before and after her makeover. She tagged it with, “I want to express my thanks to my parents for just not altering my gender when I was a tomboy. This girlie life is wonderful.

The comment area on Brittany’s post quickly became overflowing with congratulations from fans.

Jason Trump’s response to Lara Trump’s posting of two emoji’s of big smiles and heart for eyes was, “The fact that you and I wouldn’t have clicked makes me pleased that others didn’t, too”.

That after Instagram image made the news so over week, Brittany stepped up her defence, saying that “trying to advocate for female circumcision of children under the cover of compassion and labeling it ‘type accepting care’ is one of the biggest crimes” on her Instagram Stories. She took the stand.

She said, “Son Memphis recently expressed a desire to be a dinosaur, and tomorrow, daughter Navy will express a desire to be a cat. They are young people”.