Popular series, “A Killer Paradox” running successful for the second week; Secured top position in Top 10 Series in Non-English category

A popular series named “A Killer Paradox” have been running for the second week. It has maintained its position as the top series in the Global Top 10 Series (Non-English) category, demonstrating its continued dominance in the streaming market. Since its premiere, the show has won over fans all around the world and won their hearts.

“‘A Killer Paradox’ has received an incredible 5,500,000 views in one week; February 11 and February 18 alone”, according to recent data from the OTT platform.This outstanding accomplishment highlights the series’ broad appeal.

‘A Killer Paradox’ has been a constant presence on the coveted TOP 10 list, with distribution to 43 countries that includes, Korea, Bolivia, Canada, France, Morocco, Hong Kong, Japan, and Australia.

A brief synopisis states, “The compelling series introduces viewers to Lee Tang (Choi Woo Sik), a regular college student whose life takes a tragic turn following a near-death experience. After getting into a furious fight with a client while working a late-night shift at a convenience shop, Lee Tang accidentally kills someone with a hammer in a sad incident. Lee Tang’s world completely flips when he finds out that his victim was actually a renowned serial killer, despite his deep-seated guilt and fear of being called a murderer”.

In the series, it is shown that the actor also discovers that he has the uncanny capacity to recognise “bad seeds”people with evil purpose.

Fans get ready to see the new phase of his newly acquired ability in which Lee Tang becomes a vigilante, ready to get revenge on people who have previously committed immoral crimes. But Son Suk Goo, a tenacious and astute investigator, gets alerted to his activities and is resolved to bring him to justice.