“Performance gives me pleasure”, says Maren Morris after a feud with Brittnay over a comment 

Maren Morris, 32, is just not allowing her latest quarrel with Brittany Aldean interfere with both the pleasure she derives from entertaining her audience. The country singer, who was seen in latest headlines, with Jason Aldean’s wife, over a quarrel claimed that she is doing “fine” in light of something like the backlash that resulted from her calling out Brittany’s ostensibly transphobic post on social media.

Maren said, “I’m okay,” in an interview on Saturday at the 2022 iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas. “

She claimed, “Actually, my concentration and heart are truly on my shows because I’ve been so involved with them. And I simply evaluate what I truly have rather than what I need”.

“My tour is underway, my spouse is here, and my son is here. I’m surrounded by a fantastic staff, as well as an amazing following,” she added. “So I believe it has been excellent, definitely. I just kind of got into the tour. That’s similar to the place I go for therapy to let all of my tension, grief, rage, and happiness out. Every night, I get to complete it”, she completed.

Maren responded to a video Brittany shared of oneself applying cosmetics by saying something encouraging. Asserting, “I’d wish to acknowledge my parents because of not altering my gender while I suffered throughout my tomboy era, ” Brittany stated in a contentious commentary for the video. This girlie life is great”.

It’s so simple to, like, avoid being a disgusting human? Maren said in response to Cassadee Pope’s criticism of the video on Twitter. The phrase simplifies, “Sell your clip-ins, Insurrection Barbie, and leave”.

When Brittany was questioned about the remark in an appearance with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, things quickly got out of hand.

During a conversation Maren acknowledged she’s “not really a sufferer” but also said she will not really feel pity whenever questioned about the moniker Brittany gave her.

“As per my opinion, neither she nor I are victims in this situation. Yet I do not even feel sympathetic when people, particularly kids, are mocked and ridiculed for trying to figure out who they are,” she remarked.