An Exclusive Interview with Alyssa Brook

Alyssa Brook is a journalist and social media influencer in Los Angeles. She has been lucky enough to interview some of the biggest names in Hollywood. I recently interviewed her about her career and her upcoming projects. Thank you Alyssa for this interview!

What was your inspiration behind becoming a journalist?

I wouldn’t say there was an inspiration going up. I was taught to be very good in school and based off the subjects I studied I didn’t really want to be a doctor first, I want to be a lawyer or in the FBI weirdly, but I always loved storytelling, and I always loved singing and dancing, but in my head I was like well let’s be real how many people become actors or famous singer, so what’s the next best thing I do when I loved riding stories telling stories and being on camera, but also being behind-the-scenes of a lot, so that’s how I was able to decide what to do in school.

What do you most love about being a journalist? What do you love most about being a social media influencer?

I love that you can first of all be both. For example, when I first moved to Los Angeles, I had a lot of friends and connections and then when I finished grad school obviously, I went to work as a journalist. As a millennial, seeing people be able to kind of take on journalistic positions, but from growing as an influencer is cool too, so I dived into both. The content I do on my personal social media is catered toward films, TV, home, family, organizing, and stuff that I really like to do with my free time and of course I’ll share some of my most viral news stories from work as well. I love that you can do both of these jobs or passions, I should call them, from anywhere in the world and it’s not something where you have to drive to every single day.

How do you come up with your social media content?

Honestly, I feel like when you think too much about the content, you’re going to make it’s not going to do as well. Most of my home content is stuff that I’m experiencing with my pets, building my home, organizing, and then some of the more exciting stuff is behind-the-scenes or what I do or get up to before I go to a major movie premiere and just showing people what it’s like attending some of these events.

Photo Credit: Devaughnte Lee @coachgory

What was your favorite memory from all the red carpets you’ve attended?

Running into Adam Sandler a few times, the barbie movie was definitely emotional. Just meeting icons and also others like me and connecting and building friendships. I think it is cool that I am able to experience all the stuff I grew up on in person.

What is your favorite memory from your interviews?

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston made me super comfortable even though I was a little nervous. Jamie Lee Curtis always showing up and giving me the best energy at the Halloween premieres. Speaking with talents I grew up watching is a full circle moment, can’t forget Harrison Ford for Indiana jones!

Fun Question– As an interviewer, if you could interview any actor who would that be and why?

I would like to interview Leonardo DiCaprio just to make up for the fact that I was about three years old when Titanic came out so I couldn’t do the press junket.

Are you working on any new projects and if so what can you tell us about them?

Right now, I am focusing on a lot of YouTube content. From film and tv reviews, interviews and exclusive premiere BTS to home hacks, DIY and luxury gift unboxing. I am also reviewing the hottest items and letting the public know if they should get these items along with my fitness and weight loss journey.

Photo Credit: Devaughnte Lee @coachgory

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